The Eagle’s Nest

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“Travel, fall in love and be inspired.”


The chalet-style residence, commissioned by Martin Bormann, an associate of Hitler, was intended as a 50th birthday present to the Führer. Here is where the dictator used to entertain Mussolini and other high ranking politicians of the era. He also used the residence to conduct family receptions with Eva Braun.

The Eagle’s Nest is located at the top of Obersalzberg at the height of 1834m. Guests can visit the ground floors and explore the secret underground labyrinth, which connects the villas of the Third Reich’s elite.

The road to the top of Kehlstein is considered to be one of the most beautiful in the Alps. Hiking is highly recommended!

Getting there: The bus departs at Salzbergstrasse 45, 83471 Berchtesgaden.

May-Oct from 8:30 to16:50
Adults: €16.10
Children below 14 years old: €9.30